Separation technologies applied research and translation

Our "Translation"

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Our Approach and Activities

START Approach

  • Collaboration with world-class Research Institutes and Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore and globally
  • Concerted efforts to forge symbiotic relationships with local and international Industry partners to develop technology translation platforms
  • Design, build, and operate pilot-scale processes to validate lab-scale technologies in a real-world scenario
  • Translate promising research innovations into commercially viable, next generation products

START Activities

  • Chemical Formulations/Membrane Production
  • Membrane Post-Treatment/Modification
  • Element/Module Fabrication
  • Membrane QC/Autopsy
  • Engineering Design, Fabrication and Pilot Testing of Systems
  • Business Development
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Our Technology Focus Areas

Membrane Technologies

  • Microfiltration (Polymeric and ceramic membranes)
  • Ultrafiltration (Hollow fibre
    and flat sheet)
  • Nanofiltration (Hollow fibre
    and flat sheet)
  • Reverse osmosis (Hollow fibre and flat sheet)
  • Forward osmosis (Hollow
    fibre and flat sheet)
  • Ion exchange membranes

Membrane Processes

  • Design of systems
  • Integration and pilot validation of novel membrane systems and processes
  • Novel chemicals (CIP, Pre-treatment, etc)


  • Process monitoring sensors
  • Analytical sensors
  • Membrane integrity monitors